Taking Action For Animals Conference

Taking Action For Animals, also known as TAFA, is a great event for activists seeking out ways to help animals. This yearly event brings together activists from all around the states, and focuses on advocacy efforts within the current political environment.

ACE Highlight: List of Organizations

In the evaluation process leading to our recent recommendations update, we considered 100 animal charities in total. If you want to delve deeper into the work that led to our recommendations, our List of Organizations page is a great place to start.

Interested in being a board member?

Do you have an interest in serving on ACE’s board? If you care about reducing/eliminating animal suffering and believe that you would be a valuable board member, then we invite you to contact us for more information about the available position.

What elements of a leaflet matter?

The Humane League’s strong commitment to using evidence to maximize the effectiveness of their outreach efforts is one reason why ACE considers them one of the two most effective animal charities we’ve evaluated. We’re closely following the Humane League Labs as they release the results of several studies they’ve conducted over the past year. Their most recent report, What Elements Make A Vegetarian Leaflet More Effective?, covers the result of a study that intended to address whether the effectiveness of leafleting depended on the content of the leaflet used.

Results of Humane Education Study

ACE has now released the results of our humane education study, conducted with the help of presenters from Ethical Choices, The Humane League, Compassionate Action for Animals, and the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition. We surveyed students who attended in-class presentations by these organizations during fall 2013 as well as other students at the same schools. To understand the longer-term effects of the presentations, we timed the surveys to take place about two months after students had attended presentations.

Recommendations Update: May 2014

In February 2014, ACE composed a new and detailed process for updating our recommendations. This effort included creating a set of rigorous criteria for evaluation, which we then used to review animal organizations and come to conclusions on new recommendations. We are proud to recommend Mercy For Animals and The Humane League as our top charities.

2014 Survey of Effective Altruists

I’m pleased to announce the first annual survey of effective altruists. This is a short survey of around 40 questions (generally multiple choice), which several collaborators and I have put a great deal of work into and would be very grateful if you took it. I’ll offer $250 of my own money to one participant.