2016 Prospective Goals, Gantt Chart, and Call for Feedback

Gantt Chart

2015 was a very successful year for ACE — read our Year in Review to learn more details about our work. Because of this, we need to rethink our approach and goals to align with new opportunities. In addition to regularly updating our strategy, we update our goals and provide a work plan for the upcoming year. This post highlights two relevant documents: our 2016 Prospective Goals and our Gantt Chart for 2016.

Our Prospective Goals for 2016 include some ambitious additions, including the hire of a Program Officer to oversee research on interventions and messaging as well as hosting our first conference aimed at uniting academics and researchers with advocacy leaders to produce useful studies for animal advocates.

Our Gantt Chart for 2016 details timelines for implementation of our many projects, and provides a clear picture of what we hope to accomplish and when.

Have some thoughts that you would like to share? What do you think of our plans for 2016, or our overall strategy in general? For those interested in providing feedback on our work, you can let us know your thoughts by responding to this questionnaire.

Jon Bockman

Executive Director at Animal Charity Evaluators
Jon has held diverse leadership positions in nonprofit animal advocacy over the past decade. His career prior to ACE included serving as a Director at a shelter and wildlife rehabilitation center, as a humane investigator, and as a Founder of a 501c3 farm animal advocacy group.

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