Top Charities

ACE currently recommends The Humane League (THL), Mercy For Animals (MFA), and Animal Equality as our top charities. All three organizations have strong track records in evaluating their own tactics and making changes based on what seems most effective. THL focuses on a blend of local and online grassroots outreach and evaluative efforts, whereas MFA primarily works on undercover investigations and online outreach. Animal Equality spends time advocating in grassroots outreach, undercover investigations, and online activism. All three organizations perform especially well on our detailed criteria. For more information, please read the full reviews of Animal Equality, Mercy For Animals, and The Humane League.

Standout Charities

ACE acknowledges the Farm Animal Protection Campaign of the Humane Society of the United States (FAPC), Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), Vegan Outreach (VO), and Albert Schweitzer Foundation as standout organizations. This means that we think they are potentially high impact based on our criteria, but that for various reasons they did not warrant a spot as one of our top charities. FAPC works to reduce or eliminate the worst cruelties inflicted on farm animals through legal and corporate outreach, and by conducting undercover investigations. FARM primarily focuses on pay-per-view outreach, and hosts the animal rights conference each year. VO focuses on individual outreach using leafleting, and Albert Schweitzer Foundation works on a combination of individual and corporate outreach projects. For more information, please read our in-depth reviews of Farm Animal Protection Campaign, FARM, Vegan Outreach, and Albert Schweitzer Foundation.