Impact Calculator

Leafleting and online ads are a couple of the most commonly used interventions to help farmed animals. Find out how many animals you're saving with your donations to organizations using these methods!

This impact calculator uses the best research available on these interventions to estimate the number of animal lives spared and years of suffering avoided.

Reduction in Factory Farmed Animals

Note: Cows include those in the beef and dairy industries. Chickens include those in the chicken and egg industries.

Reduction in Years on Factory Farms

Note: Wild-caught fish and shellfish are not included because their lives prior to human consumption are natural.

The lower and upper bounds for total reduction of animals on farms and total number of factory-farmed years reduced are calculated according to the chosen significance level. The result differs from the sum of the lower or upper bounds for particular species of animals. These are also calculated to the chosen significance level. Because it would be very unlikely for all the most pessimistic or optimistic assumptions to be true at the same time, the mean and variance of each quantity involved are used to ensure that both the bounds for individual species and for the totals correspond to the chosen significance level.

For more details regarding sources and how calculations are performed, see this spreadsheet.