Prospective Goals

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We are still following our three-year strategic plan to inform our goals for 2016. A work plan can be found in our latest gantt chart, but we discuss some of our goals in more detail below.

2016 Prospective Goals

Move $1,000,000 in donations to our recommended charities.
Evaluate our method of conducting reviews more generally, including our criteria, our selection of charities for review, and the value of deep reviews.
Release five new case studies on social justice movements, and formulate a plan for how to synthesize our findings.
Publish six new interviews with advocacy leaders and relevant industry professionals.
Create up to four additional intervention reports (undercover investigations, online ads, legal work, and possibly vegfests or direct action).
Conduct some research using MTurk or a similar platform to gauge the effects of common interventions on attitudes towards wild animals, intervention in the wild, and conservation.
Compose writings on our thinking about various animals’ capacities for pain, pleasure, awareness, and the degree to which each is supported by scientific evidence.
Lead research on effective advocacy by working with our newly hired Advocacy Research Program Officer to oversee studies examining the effectiveness of interventions and messaging strategies.
Host an academic conference to facilitate better quality research that is useful to animal advocates.
Modernize our website with a new template that improves user experience.
Create an explainer video introducing the concept of effective altruism for animals.
Produce four sets of printed materials, including our annual review, guide to giving, advocacy advice, and academic conference program.
Improve the functionality of the effective animal advocacy research library.
Increase efforts to improve functionality of pages through user testing and A/B tests.
Optimize AdWords to improve quality and quantity of traffic.
Build our social media following through increased engagement and advertising.
Increase promotion in the media.
Increase our presence at key conferences, including additional speaking engagements.
Create a formal marketing plan to guide our outreach and promotional efforts.
Create a formal development plan to increase our funding, build our donor base, and steward existing supporters.
Continue increasing our level of transparency, including producing write-ups on cause prioritization, foundational questions we have about advocacy tactics, and our general thoughts on strategic approaches to helping animals.