ACE 2015 Year in Review

2015 proved to be a year of incredible growth at ACE, and everyone involved with the organization—our staff, board, donors, and followers—should be proud of all that we have achieved together. Of particular note is that we influenced more than $828,000 in giving to our recommended charities, despite only spending $141,000, meaning that we moved more than $5 to our recommendations for every $1 that we spent. Our 2015 Year in Review highlights our accomplishments in more detail.

After reading about our accomplishments in 2015, stay tuned for exciting updates to come in the next few weeks. We will post blogs detailing our research plans for 2016, our upcoming program officer hire, a gantt chart showing our work plan for the year, and our room for more funding moving forward.

Jon Bockman

Executive Director at Animal Charity Evaluators
Jon has held diverse leadership positions in nonprofit animal advocacy over the past decade. His career prior to ACE included serving as a Director at a shelter and wildlife rehabilitation center, as a humane investigator, and as a Founder of a 501c3 farm animal advocacy group.

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  1. Rob Stoutjesdijk January 31, 2016 10:56 pm  Reply

    Hi Aminal Charity Evaluators team,

    Just want to give all of you a heads up for your amazing cause and work, I fully support it! Keep doing the best <3

  2. Hector Silva January 30, 2016 2:19 pm  Reply

    I'm very happy to read the results of your hard work. Congratulatios to all of you & always remember this NEVER GIVE UP !

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