Top Charity: Animal Equality

Below is a brief summary of our Animal Equality review. See our full review for more information on how they performed on our criteria.

Animal Equality advocates for animals by conducting undercover investigations and promoting them through media outlets. They also conduct grassroots outreach, including demonstrations, protests, leafleting, and video showings. Related to their undercover investigations, they also conduct some legal and corporate outreach efforts.

Animal Equality has branches in several countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Mexico, India, Venezuela, and the United States. We think their model of employing local activists to lead offices while coordinating actions internationally amplifies their effectiveness both by allowing them to present materials to more people and by directing resources to locations where they can be particularly effective.

We find Animal Equality to be an exceptional organization, and are happy to recommend them as one of our top charities. For more information, see our full report.

Why do we recommend them?

We think Animal Equality does an exceptional job given the resources they possess. They are able to produce and market undercover investigation videos at a low cost relative to other organizations, and their efforts to evaluate and improve their work are strong. They exhibit high levels of transparency and work with many other groups to achieve their goals. Their leadership shows a strong understanding of strategy.

We find Animal Equality an excellent giving opportunity because of their ability to produce good work on a low budget and their evidence-driven outlook, and are pleased to recommend donating to them.1

How much money could they use?

AE Pie Chart

Animal Equality Budget Allocation

We think Animal Equality could use up to $315,000-$390,000 in increased funding this year. They want to build an investigations department in the US, develop their 360° investigations program, expand educational outreach programs (both online and in person) in England, India, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, Germany, and Italy, and hire fundraisers in the US and Spain.

What do you get for your donation?

From an average donation of $1,000, we think Animal Equality would use about $460 towards investigations of the conditions of animals on farms, paying for a tiny fraction of an investigation but reaching hundreds of thousands of people through media coverage. They would use about $140 to support grassroots outreach, funding the distribution of about 370 leaflets and reaching 5 people with pay-per-view video. They would use about $300 on social media and online outreach, and about $20 on bigger protests. Finally, they would spend about $40 on legal advocacy, mostly related to their investigations and protests, and about $40 on corporate outreach related to their investigations. Our rough estimate is that these combined activities would spare about 13,200 animals from life in industrial agriculture.

  1. We recommend unrestricted donations to Animal Equality, as we are not so confident that funds in one area will be used substantially more effectively than in other areas as to recommend restricting donations.